Thursday, March 17, 2011

Margaritas Mean More

My boss and I have a tradition. A rather unprofessional tradition, but a tradition, nonetheless. We have cocktails together on Friday. It started rather randomly and has continued every week since its inception (with the occasional Thursday thrown in when we won't be together on Friday.)

Our cocktails have become part of the work week. Something to look forward to when a customer is unruly, the consignments have been extra heavy, or the other employees grind on our nerves. It's something we wait for, all week, with the knowledge that we will finally get a chance to sit down and enjoy each other's company without all the "work" nonsense.

Lately though, it's become more than that. My boss knows that I will have to move on to a "big girl" job soon, and although we will miss each other terribly, the margaritas we drink side-by-side every week are a tradition that will live on forever. One day, when we both work at separate jobs, when our lives become too hectic to talk everyday, when I have children and her kids are old enough to babysit mine...we will always be able to come together over a margarita and share our problems and joys.

It's strange to me how something so simple has changed into something so complex. At "Cocktail Friday's" inception, I never believed it would become an integral part of my week. But, as I look into the future, where there is only an 8-5 shift and no cool boss to hang out with, I really dread losing it. Mel is one of my most dear friends, despite our 2o-something age gap. Actually, she may be one of my best friends because of the age gap. I look up to her and I respect her immensely.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that alcohol is not always a terrible thing. The simple use of a cocktail at the end of the week to give my good friend and I a reason to really sit down and talk has been so beneficial to our relationship. It gives us a reason to talk about things other than work and allows us to let loose for a minute before the busy, hectic world comes rushing back to us.

I will miss Margaritas with Melanie...and when life gets hard, I know I will call her up to go have one, for old time's sake.

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