Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday: designated blog day.

After thinking long and hard for about 10 minutes this morning, I decided to make Monday my official blog-updating day. It's perfect. It is conveniently located after the (sometimes eventful) weekend, my husband happens to work on Monday nights, and I am usually still relatively enthusiastic about the week ahead. I know I am terrible at saying I'm going to do things and then not doing them (take this for example) but, I am certainly going to try!

As for today, I'd like to shamelessly promote some of my favorite blogs (they are already extremely successful and don't really need my help, but it makes me feel like a true fan, so there):

I have been reading Books of Adam lately. I just stumbled across it on BearFood, and I am now hooked. To both. If you haven't checked out Books of Adam, please do so. Now. You will not be sorry. Adam spins some of the most hilarious tales of woe I have ever read. It is almost like his life is staged to be blogged. If you want to hear about how some drunk girl left him her tooth, or about his fear of "meth scabs," or if you are just a dude looking for sweet beard advice, Adam has what you need! He tickles me in such a way that I may need to file sexual harassment charges. Just sayin.

I mentioned BearFood up there, and if you don't know what that is, don't worry, I will enlighten you! If you are a fan of the Internet AT ALL then you've probably read something from theOatmeal without realizing it. Ever seen that bear with pterodactyl wings spread gloriously over a rainbow background? Yeah, theOatmeal. Are you a nerd/geek who is shamelessly in love with Nicola Tesla and you want the world to know it? Sport these bad boys. All these wondrous inventions came from the same brain that spawned BearFood. It's a really fun website that compiles other really fun websites for people like me who just can't get enough internets.

Also, if you are a blogger, aspiring blogger, or you just really like anything funny or unusual, you should know about thebloggess. If you don't know about her, seriously, what are you doing with your life? I'm ashamed. Go read her blog, her book, and then get back to me when you've been properly educated on everything Jenny Lawson.

Other than those blogs I am a frequent visitor of Cracked, theChive, and a number of tumblrs (your ecards, T-Rex trying, etc.) Basically anything that will make me smile; I'm a fan of it.